The instructor (Carl Heaton) mainly focused on how to design the web page/template in Adobe Photoshop as well as he also makes sure to first to explain all basics details for those of you who are just started learning Adobe Photoshop.
There are small projects for you to complete in each chapter so that you can understand the interface of Adobe Photoshop very easily.
This is my personal favourite course in udemy.
This is the course which helped me to boost up my confidence that “Yes, I can do it”


  • You need a copy of Adobe Photoshop installed on your system.
  • You can use a free trial of Adobe Photoshop.

What you will learn

  • The Power of File and New 
  • Changing, Using and Installing Brushes 
  • The Key to Custom Shapes 
  • The Core of Photoshop, Layers and Groups 
  • The Shortcuts to Moving and Resizing 
  • Getting the Most from Zooming and Panning 
  • Creating Cool Effects with Blending Modes 
  • Text, Love it or Hate it 
  • Clean Web Page Design using Photoshop 

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