In this above video, I basically talked about How To Download Android Pie 9.0 .iso File from the trusted OSDN website.

You don’t have to worry anymore. I got you covered here, you are getting genuine .iso file from the official website.

I tried my best to make this video as easy as possible so that you can follow the steps very easily.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software,designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.Android is developed by a consortium of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance, with the main contributor and commercial marketer being Google.[10]
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Initially developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, Android was unveiled in 2007, with the first commercial Android device launched in September 2008. The current stable version is Android 10, released on September 3, 2019. The core Android source code is known as Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is primarily licensed under the Apache License. This has allowed variants of Android to be developed on a range of other electronics, such as game consoles, digital cameras, PCs and others, each with a specialized user interface. Some well known derivatives include Android TV for televisions and Wear OS for wearables, both developed by Google.
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➜ Software Used:-

  1. Google Chrome

➜ Website Visited :-

  1. IAmMrHelper
  2. OSDN

➜ Direct Download Links

  1. Android Pie (9.0)

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